Sunday, March 29, 2015

Celebrating the Spring in our Step Linky

A Spring Milestone that I am excited to celebrate is that I hit 2,000+ followers on instagram.  I have made some amazing connections with fellow educators around the world and even in MY district! The teacher connectedness from blogging and other social media venues has really made me a better teacher because I get to engage in awesome conversations with teachers from all over who share my passion for teaching! To thank all of my IG followers I have 

My kiddos enjoyed our Thanksgiving persuasive writing Wait, Wait! Don't Shoot! so much that I created a Spring themed version of it. 
Persuasive Peeps is writing task asks students to write from the perspective of a marshmallow peep and they are to persuade a hungry kid to not eat them as an Easter Snack!  I can't wait to see what their reasons are as to why we shouldn't eat them!!!

Also, I just recently shared about one of my newest Figurative Language Flower Craftivity set which will make your bulletin boards POP!  

Enjoy this freebie on me, 

This set includes 9 slides of owl themed homework passes for you to give to your students for various school holidays or seasonal activities.
Included are:
Back to School (generic)
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Patriotic Owl (Veterans/Memorial/President's Day)

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Great Peep Experiment

I remember my high school chemistry teacher did a fun science experiment during our finals week, which backed up to Spring Break. She started the class saying that Peeps were indestructible!  I remember thinking to myself, "Is she talking about those yummy marshmallow Easter treats?", and she was!  We spent that week brainstorming ways we could make those little Peeps dissolve.   It was so fun, and kids got VERY creative.

This wonderful memory prompted me to create my newest product, The Great Peep Experiment!

This 3 day activity is easily adaptable for grades 1st-5th. It walks the students through the Scientific Method in a fun and festive way! It goes over solutions and solvents by having the kids try to to dissolve the beloved marshmallow Peep!
Included in this set

This is a great pre-Easter Science activity that is going to be perfect for next week ESPECIALLY because next week is modified week for conferences AND it is the last week before our Spring Break!  This will keep the kids engaged and curious the entire week!  Grab this here, at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

:: By the way, I am giving a copy of this to whoever can guess my favorite Jelly Belly Flavor::

This product was my March 2015 Newsletter Freebie! Be sure to sign up, if you haven't already so you can get my April Freebie next month!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Improper Fraction Math Center

Are you looking for an egg-cellent math center that reviews improper and mixed number equivalency?  My kiddos have SPRING FEVER! They are so ready for break and just want to be out of there seats. I am wrapping up our fraction unit this week and next, so I thought this would be a great way to review mixed number equivalency and get them out of their seat and into a math center!

This is a print and go center that is ready to use! My kids worked on it today during math centers and they ate-it-up.  

There are 15 in total and fractions that they will match up. They can record their findings on this sheet:

Grab it here!

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Figurative Language Flowers {Giveaway}

Happy first Sunday of Spring everyone!  I am excited to share my newest Figurative Language Craftivity with you all and to have a lucky follower win one! {Keep reading to see how you can win one!}

This is the next in my soon to be Figurative Language Craftivity Set for the Year. I think continually reinforcing figurative language has really helped my students identify and recognize different Figurative Language tools in speech and in their books.  There writing has become so much richer and more colorful!

This figurative language craftivity is little different than my Figurative Language Hearts and Shamrocks because it is not 3d. Instead, I will have each student randomly select a figurative language from a mixed bag and they will create one flower for a class garden for our hallway.

 To start the activity off, as a class we will brainstorm everything that we can think about that relates to spring.

I will review the different Figurative Languagess with these posters

After each student selects their figurative language from my mixed bag, they will create  4 different Spring Sentences using their figurative language.

 They will be asked to define their Figurative Language in their own words and write it on a leaf...
which they will attach to a stem that they will write their name on.

I can't wait to see my student's Figurative Language Flowers in a beautiful hallway display. Their wonderfully written words will be a beautiful garden!  I would love to give this product away to someone who can guess 2 of the flowers used in my wedding!  Be sure to leave your email with your guess!

Friday, March 13, 2015

Lucky You! Blog Hop

      Happy Friday the 13th! To counteract all of that "bad luck" that this day is rumored to bring, I have teamed up with 20 FANTASTIC, upper elementary bloggers to shower you with some amazing St. Patrick's Day freebies!

     My students have loved learning about Idioms this year. Let's be honest, they practically B.E.G for them everyday.  Most of my kiddos are English Language Learners and idioms baffle them.  So instead of having them stress out over the meaning of these funny phrases, we have fully embraced them by going over an idiom a day.

   Everyday, after recess we review an idiom from my Idiom a Day pack. We draw a picture of what we think it literally sounds like, and then they guess what they think it means. I help them out by using it in context... often in funny ways- using the students as the subject in the sentence or my kids and husband in it. They EAT.IT. UP!  

So, for your fabulous freebie, I created a set of St. Patrick's Day Idioms!

   You will get  16 Idioms that relate to St. Patrick's day in some way- whether it be luck, or green or money!  This is an easy 5 minute addition to your St. Patrick's week that will engage and expand your student's language!  You can grab this freebie here, at my Teachers Pay Teachers store.

Continue on this Freebie trail... You have to see what Tabitha from Flap Jack Educational Resources has in store for you!

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