Tuesday, April 21, 2015

{We Teach} Stress Free Giveaway

Boy, is that time of year or what!?  For me, April is one F-U-L-L month! With Spring Break, report cards, conferences and test prep, it is hard not to feel stressed out.

So, as a fun way to take a step back, I have partnered together with some A-MAZING teachers to host this awesome giveaway with 4 lucky winners!

Before I get to the giveaway, I wanted to share some ways that I remain Stress Free.

1) Home life. I have learned how important it is to have a firm boundary between school life and family life.  Now don't get me wrong, I still bring home stacks of papers to grade and lesson plan a lot, however, I limit it.  I will work through my lunch break to help catch up, and my husband (who is also a teacher) and I make sure to grade once the kids are asleep.  As soon as we get home we are out side! We eat dinner outside, the kids play and we garden. Gardening has been a huge stress reliever for me!

2) Exercise:  A GREAT way to relieve stress is to exercise! I especially love our weekly Spin classes.

3) Laughing: Whether it be laughing at the ridiculous text train that Michelle from Apples and ABCs and I send... seriously, no one actually makes me REALLY Laugh-Out-Loud from a text like she does.

...or it be me admitting an embarrassing teaching moment to a coworker about what popped up on on You Tube recommendations list on the projector. Laughter and being silly is a BIG way to relieve stress.  This time of year is not only stressful for us but for our kiddos also.  Testing takes it out of them. To relieve their stress, add some laughter and movement into the classroom. The Go Noodle Brainbreaks are awesome, and my class loves playing nation ball. For laughter, try playing Would you Rather... the things they come up with are AMAZING! * Be sure to set the rules so they know to be appropriate!*

Ok, now for the give away.... There are 4 awesome prizes you can win (scroll with the arrow to see these prizes). To make it stress free for you, all you have to do is follow our TpT stores- the more you follow, the more entries you earn and the greater chance you have to win one of our fabulous prizes!
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4 lucky winners will win one of the following prizes: $75 Amazon Gift Card, $40 Target Gift Card, $25 TpT Gift Certificate and a $20 Starbucks card.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Blogiversary Giveaway -with- $2 Discounted Items!

Happy Saturday, and Happy 2 Year Blogiversary to Jen from Sparkling in Second! One of the greatest things about being a teacher blogger is being able to connect with teachers all across the United States.  It is even more fun when you have a group of bloggers in your area, and Jen is a fellow So Cal Blogger.  I am linking up with her today to celebrate 2 fabulous years being in this amazing community!  With that, a group of us have discounted some of our favorite products to $2 from April 18-20th. AND for the cherry on top, there are 5 fabulous prizes being raffled off!

I have joined in on the fun and discounted the following items:

My I-Scream for Fractions unit- A tasty review of equivalent factions, decimals, and comparing fractions!

Plural Noun and Singular  Activity Pack- a great review, especially for your English Language Learners

Dabbing Through Factors and Multiples
This is a fun and interactive math pack that reviews factors, multiples as well as prime and composite numbers. This will help those struggling students who have yet to master their math facts. Great for small groups, centers and as an intervention tool.

Figurative Language Flower Craftivity
  With this activity, the students will review personification, alliteration, onomatopoeia, hyperbole, simile, and metaphors. 

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Wordless Wednesday

Upper Grade Library levels by level, genre and Series here.

How do you keep track of checked out books from your classroom library? I got these paint sticks free from home depot. On the first day of school the kids decorate them and place them in the book bin box.  They are the perfect size!

Thanks for the link up Sugar and Spice.

Wednesday, April 1, 2015

April Currently

Happy April everyone! I am so glad we made it through the long month that is M.A.R.C.H!  It has been a long month and I am officially ready for Spring Break!  I am excited to kick off April with the first Linky that got me into blogging. Thank you 100x100 Farley for this fantastic linky where we all get to connect a little more on a real level!

{Listening:} The sweet sound of silence.... which is rare with two wildlings living in an 100 year old house! This one even put himself to sleep tonight! 

{Loving:} I haven't pulled an April Fools' Day prank on a class in years!  BUT spur of the moment I created this nonsense April Fool's Day Word Search Puzzle to totally stump my kids and it worked like a charm.  I had them pick one up after their finished their math quiz and I almost collapsed in a fit of giggles while watching them strain over this puzzle, thinking they found a word but not! I actually video recored the moment when I told them it was an April Fool's Day prank and shared it with the entire school via Google+.
grab this freebie here...

{Thinking:} I feel truly blessed to live in our neighborhood. We go on walks almost everyday and we run into so many young families who have kids that are around the same age as ours.  We have so many of our closest friends near by and it is wonderful. Yesterday we went to a midweek birthday party down the street and I met even more wonderful people! I am excited to have my kids grow up here.

{Wanting:}I have had so many students in my class coughing and out with the flu.  My own little ones had pink eye at the beginning of the month and last week they had  stomach flu. I am praying for some good health for all my kiddos.

{Needing:} Tonight my husband and I are going to a concert in L.A and we are staying the night! Thanks to my amazing Mother in Law for giving us an evening away! All I have to do is pack!

{Eggs-plain Your Name:} I love that this is the last part of this month's Currently because my name came up over a recent double date with one of our favorite couples.  Over dinner I was called out on my name! Well, let me set the story straight! My given name is Eulalla- pronounced U-Layla (gotta love those silent e's). I was named after my great grandma on my dad's side. He loved his grandma so much that he promised his first born girl would take her name. All my life I have gone by Layla, with the exception of a 2 day Eulalla trial period full of "Hey you- Layla and Ukulele jokes from my family's friends.  Well after that trial period my parents decided it was easier to go by Layla- which was the nickname that my great grandma went by as well.  All my life my real name was my GIANT deep, dark secret! My mom even enrolled me in school using Layla rather than Eulalla.  When I looked up the meaning of my real name it means well spoken, which I like.

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

April Fools' Nonsense

Looking for a fun April Fool's Day prank for your class? How about a nonsense word search?

Your kids will diligently search for these April Fools words but alas, they will not prevail! You see, the words are not really hidden in this puzzle. Instead there are very close versions of each word.

I hope your kids go gaga over this activity. Be sure to grab it here

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Celebrating the Spring in our Step Linky

A Spring Milestone that I am excited to celebrate is that I hit 2,000+ followers on instagram.  I have made some amazing connections with fellow educators around the world and even in MY district! The teacher connectedness from blogging and other social media venues has really made me a better teacher because I get to engage in awesome conversations with teachers from all over who share my passion for teaching! To thank all of my IG followers I have 

My kiddos enjoyed our Thanksgiving persuasive writing Wait, Wait! Don't Shoot! so much that I created a Spring themed version of it. 
Persuasive Peeps is writing task asks students to write from the perspective of a marshmallow peep and they are to persuade a hungry kid to not eat them as an Easter Snack!  I can't wait to see what their reasons are as to why we shouldn't eat them!!!

Also, I just recently shared about one of my newest Figurative Language Flower Craftivity set which will make your bulletin boards POP!  

Enjoy this freebie on me, 

This set includes 9 slides of owl themed homework passes for you to give to your students for various school holidays or seasonal activities.
Included are:
Back to School (generic)
Valentine's Day
St. Patrick's Day
Patriotic Owl (Veterans/Memorial/President's Day)

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Saturday, March 28, 2015

The Great Peep Experiment

I remember my high school chemistry teacher did a fun science experiment during our finals week, which backed up to Spring Break. She started the class saying that Peeps were indestructible!  I remember thinking to myself, "Is she talking about those yummy marshmallow Easter treats?", and she was!  We spent that week brainstorming ways we could make those little Peeps dissolve.   It was so fun, and kids got VERY creative.

This wonderful memory prompted me to create my newest product, The Great Peep Experiment!

This 3 day activity is easily adaptable for grades 1st-5th. It walks the students through the Scientific Method in a fun and festive way! It goes over solutions and solvents by having the kids try to to dissolve the beloved marshmallow Peep!
Included in this set

This is a great pre-Easter Science activity that is going to be perfect for next week ESPECIALLY because next week is modified week for conferences AND it is the last week before our Spring Break!  This will keep the kids engaged and curious the entire week!  Grab this here, at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store!

:: By the way, I am giving a copy of this to whoever can guess my favorite Jelly Belly Flavor::

This product was my March 2015 Newsletter Freebie! Be sure to sign up, if you haven't already so you can get my April Freebie next month!