Sunday, March 1, 2015

March Currently

March is notoriously a difficult month because it is one of 2 months, during the teaching calendar, where there are NO DAYS OFF!  My class already seems to be in Spring Break Mode... but with starting a new novel and jumping all in on our new Fraction unit, this is an important month that I hope will be a good one!

Tonight I am linking up with the amazing Farley for her monthly Currently linky.

Listening:  I got my hubs tickets to see the Punch Brothers this coming April and also 2 albums: their newest one and Chris Thile's Bach album.  We have been listening to this record on repeat all weekend.  It is so beautiful!

Loving: I came across this AMAZING product from Chalk and Apples designed for TpT seller.  This helps them track data in Excel.  I am geeking out over how awesome it is!

Thinking: I am participating in an instagram loop with a bunch of other 4th grade instagramers. There is an amazing giveaway going on and I am needing to pick a winner.  If you don't follow me yet, here is a link to my account.  You don't want to miss this awesome giveaway. 

Wanting: I am a list maker! I have sticky notes on my desktop and notebooks full of things I need to do, need to buy, need to research.  I am wanting to simplify my list and start checking the important ones off.

Needing: I am going to VEGAS for the TpT conference this summer! I am over the moon about it, it is my first time and I have booked my hotel and registered for my courses.  Now all that I need to do is find some cute dresses to wear!!!

Spring Break Plans: We need to weed! I kind of want to look on Craigslist to find someone to help us out... because we have let it go... We need to weed so we can plant for spring and summer!  Beyond that, I am looking forward to relaxing and spending time with my friends and family.

I can't wait to go and catch up with all of you and your March Currently's.  Happy March!

Thursday, February 26, 2015

It's Fraction Time

We have started our Fraction Unit! This year, some of my grade level decided to use Engage New York as our math curriculum.  With new curriculum means that I have been teaching myself a new way to learn and a new way to teach these concepts.  So at night you will often find me studying my GIANT binders of Engage New York Modules with some reality TV show in the background.  I was especially nervous about jumping into fractions with my class because they were not exposed the Engage New York methods last year.  It is super conceptual but our first few lessons have gone pretty smoothly!

They really surprised me with decomposing fractions.  The visual model helped some of them really gain a good understanding of it, but for some of them they rather look at the fractions and see the patterns.  That's why I love math, there are so many different ways to get the correct answer.

They worked in groups and sorted fractions to as a pretest to see what they already knew about equivalency.  They were so collaborative and respectful, I was amazed!

So they sorted the fractions and renamed some of them, but I am excited to have them glue them on a tree map after they get a better understanding of equivalent fractions.  I would LOVE to hear how you teach this standard and any resources you use for intervention.

A resource I created to help teach equivalency is...
 I-scream FRACTIONS!
I post these 5 Fraction Definition Posters that have examples and pictures will be on our math bulletin board to help reinforce the concepts as we continue to work through these lessons. They are a great resource for the students and the graphics will help them make connections.

For our Math Centers....
A Serving up Equivalent Fractions Worksheet with answer key... Some students don't do well with the visual representation of the area model from Engage New York and they are better at seeing numbers, so this activity will really benefit them.
This Equivalent Fraction Dice game is always great in centers or for my fast finishers to play
Eventually we will get to Comparing Fractions with unlike denominators.  I first will teach it using the number line, because I think kids can really get a grasp of that but then I will teach them the X Factor Trick.
Then they can practice!

 Once they get a good grasp on it all, they can play this Fraction Review Board Game with 30 different question cards that quiz the students on their mastery of comparing fractions, and  finding equivalent fractions and decimals. **Great for Center work, for fast finishers or for test prep! **

And as a final assessment we will be doing my favorite part of this set.... a delicious Equivalent Fraction Activity where the students make ice cream cones that reflect equivalent fractions.

It is a great summative assignment that I am looking forward to doing with this group once we get through this entire unit!

Your class will EAT this Fraction set! It is perfect for reviewing concepts in a fun way and it reinforces the basic fraction concepts that they forget when they get into more complicated math.  You can buy this tasty fraction set here at my TpT store... it is on sale now! 

Today is the last day to get 28% off of this and every other product in my store!

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Figurative Language 3d Shamrock Craftivity

If you follow me on Instagram you will see that yesterday I uploaded my newest product:

Last month I shared my Figurative Language 3D Heart Craftivity. I have received amazing feedback from my students and teachers who have used this resource in their classrooms. I cannot tell you how my students have excelled in using the different types of figurative language in their oral language and in their writing.  Last week, one of my students wrote, "They were like peanut butter and jelly.", in their essay.  I was completely taken aback by their use of it and how much it added to their writing. Not only has my student's writing improved, but I have at least 3 students a day approach me with their AR book pointing out some sort of figurative language that they noticed. The look on their faces say it all! They are falling in love with figurative language.  

The Figurative Language 3D Shamrock activity follows in the footsteps of the Heart one from last month.  I am on my way to making an all year set of these and bundling them together for them to practice all year long.   My student's need constant practice with figurative language so that they can use it, spot it and interpret it.  The familiarity of this product allows them to feel comfortable to take some risks in writing, which my class of English Language Learners need all the support they can get.   
Included in this set are 7 posters that review what alliteration, idioms, personification, onomatopoeias, metaphors, hyperboles and similes.  These can be used in their interactive notebooks as a reference page and/or printed out and put on the bulletin board.

As a class you can brainstorm different words that are related to St. Patrick's Day on this think sheet, to inspire them as they write their sentences.

Each student will get a planning page that reviews each literary term, with an example and 4 spots for them to practice writing their own sentences using each figurative language. 

 These practice sheets are their rough drafts and the cooresponding shamrock template is the final draft. The shamrocks are where they write their 4 sentences on. Then, they decorate them and glue them altogether to create a 3d mobile.

I am excited to be apart of the Teachers Pay Teachers Sale that starts tomorrow!

Tomorrow everything in my store will be on sale for 20% off and when you use the promo code: HEROES then you will get an extra 8% off.  

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Monday, February 23, 2015

Saving One Classroom At a Time Linky

Tonight I am linking up with one of my favorite teacherpreneurs- Jivey with this fun linky that showcases a product that has saved the day, in honor of the TpT sale on Wednesday.

 I have had a lot of sales and positive feedback regarding this product. 
My Circuits Print-and-go Craftivity Pack will certainly save the Science Day!!! My classes always LOVE science, but with the abstract concepts and difficult vocabulary they need more support than our text book series can provide.  This set helps reinforce powerful concepts about electricity!

 This pack is full of activities to support and teach about parallel and series circuits.  There are vocabulary posters, close reads, thinking maps to help the students synthesize and communicate their thoughts and of course, a craftivity!
 I have had a lot of feedback about how adorable the bulletin boards are and how administrators swoon after it and other teachers take pictures of it!

This pack is full of activities to support and teach about parallel and series circuits.  There are vocabulary posters, close reads, thinking maps to help the students synthesize and communicate their thoughts and of course, a craftivity!  Read more about how I use this set in this blog post and check it out in my TpT store here....

Be sure to check out this and other awesome products that go on sale this Wednesday!!!

Now I am off to go leave some feedback on my recent TpT purchases to earn credits for extra savings!!!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Valentine's Day Coworker Freebie

Are you looking for a candy free gift to give to your colleagues this Valentine's Day? This is what I am giving my team:

  I don't know about your school but right now sickness is running a muck across our campus.  The kids can't seem to shake it and they keep passing germs around like they're Valentine Cards.  I decided to get some soap from the $1 section of Michaels to give to  my coworkers.  You can grab the "Here's to a Cootie Free Valentine's Day" note here for free.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Saturday, January 31, 2015

February Currently

Happy FEBRUARY!!! I am linking up with the fantabulous Farley for her monthly Currently Linky!

Listening: Who else loves/hates the show Parenthood? UGH!!! I am finally watching the season/show finale and balling my eyes out!

Loving: Our new front door!  You know you are an adult/homeowner when....getting a new front door feels like Christmas day!

Thinking: Last year I had an awesome and cohesive gradelevel team. We team taught so we could each focus on a specific subject and really hone in on it- which was especially nice to do with all of the Common Core changes. Moving schools changed things and now I wish I could team teach again. I would LOVE if next year I could just teach math and another teacher would teach reading….oh, if only!

Needing: My 18 month old to sleep in later than 5:00 AM! It is fine during the week because I am up.... but on the weekend, it'd be nice to wake up later than 5:06 buddy! But with a face like that and eyelashes for days... he wins me over every morning....

Wanting: a three day weekend every weekend! Le sigh... wouldn't that be nice?! I would call that grocery and laundry day.... and maybe I'd actually be able to catch up!

Pageant Name: Miss One Step Ahead- I am a planning machine. I have things planned out months and months ahead of time.  My friends don't get it and my husband is always AMAZED that I already have the kid's party planned 3 months ahead of time and our July vacation ready! There are other things that I am lackadaisical about and I enjoy spontaneity bu.t at my core I am an Eric Condren Planner!

Super Bowl= Super Sale!

What better way to celebrate Super Bowl weekend than with a Super Sale!  Everything in my store is on sale!  Remember, by leaving feedback, you can earn credits that turn into TpT dollars!!! I am off to go leave some feedback now! Enjoy the commercials and the game.