Whole Class Journals #4: Informative

     Last year was my first year teaching 4th and the year before that I taught 7th. In California, both of those grades have a state test in writing where the teacher has no idea what the prompt will be.  It is a mixed bag and we speculate what the prompt will be... will it be summary, response to literature, persuasive, expository, informative, imaginative narrative, or personal narrative. To ensure we cover all of these genres and their, after Winter Break we go into WRITING mode teaching all the genres of writing in a really condensed way because the test is in early spring.  Each genre is so specific in language, thinking map, transitions, structure and to rush through them is a tragedy.

     In an effort to counter this from happening this coming year, I have decided to use Whole Class Journals to help me cover, introduce and expose the students to various genres in writing in a non-threatening and less formal way.  I am so excited to see how my students will excel because of these babies.  I know I shared with you my Narrative set of Whole Class Journals, as well as my Persuasive and Compare and Contrast sets. Today I would like to share with you my Explanatory/Informative set:

This pack includes 8 different topics that will help your students practice explaining how to do something and give information. In addition, there is mind map to help students plan and a student cheat sheet to help them get started. The topics that I have created are structured and worded in a way that will help the student work independently and come out with a product that is well executed and well written! You can find all my Whole Class Journals on sale for this week at my Teachers Pay Teachers Store.

So, shake up your center times by adding Whole Class Journal prompts into your classroom  This is a great addition to any writers workshop, Center Time or for fast finishers. Each student in the class has a chance to respond to the topic and read what their peers have to say. It is a great community building piece that will work in any 3rd-7th grade classroom. 
6 Persuasive Prompts
10 Narrative Prompts- Personal and Imaginative
6 Compare and Contrast Prompts
Hope you love these as much as I do!
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