Guest Blogger at Apples and ABCs with Mustache Madness

     Come and check out my post at Apples and ABCs. Today I am sharing about my math fact competition.  I share one of my most favorite activities that spans Kinder to 5th grade.... a Math Facts Competition! Everyone knows that kids LOVE competition.
     I have taught 5th grade for 3 years and the biggest problem my team and I had in math was that our students did not know all of their multiplication and division facts. This made more complex math impossible for some and very difficult for many.  We devised a way to motivate students to WANT to learn their math facts.  The power of collaboration, competition and a trophy goes a long way! So be sure to see the nitty gritty details at Apples and ABCs.

     Once you read my post, this linky to Farley's Mustache Madness will make a little more sense.  
So, I saw some of these Brag Buttons on Pinterest and adapted some of my own thanks to Tonya from Tonya's Treats for Teachers.

I made a set of 8 different brag button templates, perfect for making celebration buttons for students in your class who succeed on a major test, accomplishment or standard.
Teacher Directions:
Print out
Place in 2.5 inch buttons from or in the Michaels craft section.
When you want to celebrate a student's academic, milestone, they can wear this button around school and other people will ask them what they got on their test. Your students will feel so proud to say "I got a 100%!"Soon, other students will feel motivated to try their hardest, or study more in order to be able to wear this MUST HAVE MUSTACHE button too!
You can come by and get these must have mustache goodies here on my TpT store.  The buttons I made say:

Hope you love these must have mustache brag buttons as much as I do!
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