Hoot Hoot! My 2012 Classroom Reveal!

Today was my first day back with my new class. It was a great, fast, whirlwind of a day.
I am so excited to share my FINISHED classroom!  After many days of working on it, organizing all of my belongings and moving furniture in and out, here is the final product.
This a reminder of where I started at:
This is about 5% of the bins that I had to unpack! Look at how much WALL SPACE THERE IS!

More WALL SPACE eek! 

Front of the room, to the right of the board, sits my  Mr. Potato Head, whole class incentive program. The kids LOVED it today!  The sign is a Freebie here...
I posted about this earlier last week... Here is my ELA Focus Wall to be a visual representation of different standards that we cover. It is a great way for the class to interact with Academic Vocabulary in a non-threatening and routine way. I think it will really be a great addition to our class this year throughout the various novels and stories we read. You can get my ELA Focus Board Labels here...
My view again with my stellar ELA back board display.
 My AR Ribbons.  Each time they meet a milestone, I will add to their ribbon.  I have a freebie for my Owl Tracker here.

My Data Nest Here is where I will keep track of major District Examinations.
This is part of my Data Nest. The tree house is labeled "Multiplication Facts", and later in the year will be switched to "Division Facts". Each cubby represents a different multiplication test that they will take and once they pass it, they move up the tree house.  

This is where I sit and teach from with my document camera. I made a cute chair top with a Target Dollar Section Rug that I velcroed to the chair back... instant cuteness!  

Here is my synonym wall. 

 I went desk less this year. Here is my conference area for workshop. Thanks to Miss Kindergarten for my Cupcake Birthday Decor! My cute name bunting is here....
My Classroom Library and Math Centers.

A close up of my Classroom Library outfitted with my Owl Library Labels... I can't wait for my Donors Choose Order to come in next month with more 4th grade books!  On top are my first two sets of Whole Class Journals.  I am starting with Narrative and Compare and Contrast. You will also notice my Math Ruler sign and crowns. You can read about that here on my Guest Blog Post for Apples and ABCs

This is where my Back to School Owl Craftivity will be show cased. Love the CHEVRON!

 All of my desks. I went with a group U Shape to start the year off. We will see how that goes.

Remember my cute Home Depot seat sacs... The class LOVED them!

 Front board, where the magic happens... class job labels can be found here for free...

Here is a shot of my front door.... I LOVE IT!

This is where I will put my root word of the week. I am sooo excited for this! Read about it here. It is going to prepare and equip them for expository passages, higher level reading and their State Test! You can get the Root of the Week here... It is one of my most popular products right now because it is SO IMPORTANT for all grade levels and aligns with Common Core!

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