Fall Poetry- Using Thinking Maps and the 5 Senses!

Poetry is a great way to reinforce grammar concepts like parts of speech and punctuation. I have always had my class make poems for different seasons or holidays. This year, I decided to streamline this concept by creating a mini-unit for Fall Poetry.  Check it out....
This set includes:
-a circle map starter activity to get the students to actively participate in things that remind them of Fall/Autumn
-5 circle maps for all 5 senses to help generate autumn words that go with each sense
-A tree map to help the students categorize their 5 sense with fall type things
-2 poetry templates that engage the students in utilizing their senses and connecting with fall.
-4 parts of speech sorts to help teach students what verbs/nouns/adjectives/adverbs are in order to help 
them fill in their poem

This is what it looks like.....

This is an example of a template that can be used for lower grades.
This is the one that I used with my 4th grade class.
I paired their final poem with a handmade (literally) tree. I saw the idea on Pinterest....

 First they traced their hands for the trunk and branches of the tree. They colored their tree and made a landscape around it.
Then they used their fingers to make the leaves with a little bit of red, yellow, brown and orange paint.  
They loved this activity and asked if we could do one for each of the seasons.  
I love it when my students enjoy these activities!

You can find my Fall/Autumn Poem activity pack here.  I hope your class enjoys it as much as mine did.

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