Cyber Monday -PLUS- Tuesday SALE!!! Get your shop on!

I am linking up with the FABULOUS Michelle from 3 AM Teacher who is hosting the Cyber Monday PLUS- Tuesday linky to promote the AMAZING 28% off Sale on ALL items in my TpT store!

Consider picking up one of my 3 Top Sellers:
1) An Idiom a Day:
  I compiled 144 of the most commonly used idioms and created a bundle of 18 worksheets that have 8 idioms per sheet. Your kids will LOVE this daily activity. It only takes about 3 minutes to do and you will start hearing your students use idioms in the speech and writing.  Read more about how I use it in my class here and get them for the big sale here....

2) A Root a Week!
  This is a similar concept to An Idiom a Day.   I compiled 60 of the most commonly used roots, suffixes and prefixes and made circle maps with each root. This helps me to introduce roots in a cohesive and easy way. 

Read more about my Root Word Pack here...and get them for the big sale here...

3) Whole Class Journals
Shake up your center times by adding Whole Class Journals into the mix. My students LOVE these journals because they are in a non threatening format and it allows them to respond to a variety of prompts and then read what their classmates have to say about the same topic.  I have 4 sets of whole class journals to help cover a variety of writing genres from Personal and Imaginative Narrative, to Persuasive/Argumentative, Compare and Contrast and Explanatory/Informative. My students are highly engaged when we do Whole Class Journals and it is amazing to see their growth already!  Read more about my Whole Class Journals here and get them for the big sale here.

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