I have had great success with my Root a Week and Idiom a Day packs. My class has been pointing out idioms to me left and right and using them in their personal writing and speech.  The roots have been a great way to introduce difficult vocabulary on a regular basis. Since this format of presenting a new idiom a day and a root a week has been so easy to implement, takes 5 minutes max and is valuable to my class, I have created a pack of 102 of the most common Homonyms to introduce one a day! Our district is majorly lacking an efficient all encompassing- grammar program so we have had to make or find a lot resources on our own. Homonyms are presented ONCE in our ELA program- that is right ONCE! I have found that my students have gaps in this area on tests that ask them to choose the correct meaning of the word when used in context. In addition, they use/spell them wrong in writing and this standard is especially hard for my ELLs.  

So here is my solution!!! All 64 pages of it will help to make homonyms easier to understand.

I included a mini lesson to help introduce what Homonyms are:

 Each homonym pair (or triad) will have the students define it, draw it and use it in a sentence correctly.

 I have also included an answer key/teacher cheat sheet to help come up with a concise definition for the "define it" box.

Students will love this quick and fun activity, it will only take 5 minutes max each day! You will see them start spelling and using them correctly in their writing. In addition, they will be better prepared for when they see one on a state test. I have also included a blank template for you to add your own homonyms as necessary! 

Hope that this activity is a great addition to your classroom routines. You can find this pack here at my TpT store!
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