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With this up and coming week off for Thanksgiving, I have some time to reflect, slow down and re-center myself. While perusing my latest blog roll, which I haven't done since Halloween YIKES, I stumbled across the Stuffed with Thankful Thoughts, hosted by A Year of Many "Firsts" and I decided to join in on the fun!

First of all, I am thankful to have some time off to spend with my sweet little girl, Penelope. She is growing sooooo fast and gets smarter and funnier each day. I love her little personality, curiosity and am so beyond blessed to be her mommy. 

 I am also thankful for our NEW house. We just started escrow Tuesday and are hoping to move in on December 22nd! The entire house buying process takes patience and there are a LOT of things out of your control- which are 2 things that I struggle with. This house kind of fell into our laps. Our real estate agent is one of our good friends and it is her uncles house. He showed us the house before he even put it on the market and gave us first dibs. I cannot wait to make this house a home! I am also very thankful that we get to move in over our Christmas break, that will take a lot of extra stress off of us.

Since this is a BLOG linky, how can I not be thankful for the blogosphere world and all that it has done for me as a professional. Connecting with all of you has really made me a better teacher. My creativity and skills are encouraged by others and it feels great to know that there is a community out there of thousands of other teachers who LOVE their job and want to share that joy with everyone. I am especially grateful for my sweet real life blogger friend, Michelle from Apples and ABCs, who got me into blogging and TpT. She has answered numerous questions for me, she has responded to neurotic text messages that I send her and has been such an inspiration to me.
This is a picture from last November when Penelope visited Michelle's Kindgergarten class.
Last, but not least. I am sooo blessed and beyond Thankful for my wonderful husband who has supported and encouraged me during this blogging adventure. He is so proud of my blog and shares my accomplishments freely with his coworkers. I love that we are both teachers, we understand each other on special level and neither of us feels guilty when we are grading or making worksheets late at night! He is a wonderful father to Penelope, a loving husband and great friend. 

Well that is all, now I feel all warm and fuzzy! Can't wait to see what you are all thankful for!

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