Winter Poetry Pack- Using Thinking Maps & the 5 Senses

     Poetry is a great way to reinforce grammar concepts like parts of speech, figurative language and punctuation. I always have my class make poems for the different seasons or holidays to collect to put in our end of the year scrap book. I had great success with my mini-unit for Fall Poetry, so I decided to create a similar version for Winter.  Check it out....
This set includes:
-a circle map starter activity to get the students to actively participate by sharing whole group, things that remind them of Winter
-5 circle maps for all 5 senses to help generate Wintery words that go with each of the 5 senses. This can be done in partners or pass one sense out to each person in the group, like jigsaw activity, and have them share out when everyone is done and add more ideas to the tree map below...
-A tree map to help the students categorize their information from the 5 senses circle maps 
I also included some parts of speech mini lessons to review adjectives, verbs, nouns and adverbs.  These 4 sorting activities will help reinforce these 4 parts of speech by asking the student to sort the examples and non examples of each. These are all new parts of speech sorts, separate from the ones in my Parts of Speech Bundle AND I put a holiday twist on it by having the examples be holiday verbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns.

Lastly, are 2 poetry templates that engage the students in utilizing their senses and connecting with Winter time. I provided 2 templates to help differentiate. The first one is more simple and the second one requires the student to apply more specific skills, but in a guided way. 

From these templates the students can go write a rough draft poem on a separate piece of paper and meet with the teacher to make sure that they have used appropriate and correct words and make corrections as needed.  I have my students type out their final draft and either print it out on Holiday paper or print out and then decorate.  Their last task is presenting their poems orally. It is a great way to squeeze in public speaking and allow the students to show off their hard work.

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as my class will! It is a fun writing activity that is perfect before the holiday season!  You can pick this pack up on sale for Cyber Monday -plus- Tuesday starting TOMORROW! Here is the link for my Winter Poetry Pack. Remember everything in my store will be 28% off!!!

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