December Currently!

How is it DECEMBER already? Even though I am 5 days late I am linking up with the Fabulous Farley from Oh Boy' Fourth Grade and her monthly Currently linky.  Here we go...
Listening: So across the street from us is a house that feeds all of the neighborhood stray cats. This means that there is a large group of cats that linger about and this just tortures my two pups!

Loving: Online shopping has saved me SO much time and stress! I went on a mini shopping spree on Cyber Monday and the packages are coming in slowly but surely. I only have a few gifts left!

Thinking: I do not know about you all but I have SO MUCH left to do until break. I have our trimester awards assembly to prep for, report cards to finish (due tomorrow), Academic Improvement Plans to write, a holiday parent gift to make, and parent conferences to hold... YIKES!

Wanting: Escrow closes on our new house in just over a week or so and then we are moving in the Friday after Christmas! We have a lot of packing to do but all this pregnant lady wants to do on the weekends is catch up on sleep. The hubs has been doing a great job picking up my slack. I can't wait to get that 2nd wind in the 2nd trimester... any day now I hope!!!

Needing: I am looking for a new book to read! Our book club just finished Fault of our Stars and Gone Girl (both were SOOO good!). We are waiting to hear what the next one is but I am thirsty for something new in the meantime.

RAK: Tomorrow I have a day off to work on my Report Cards so I left my sub a Starbucks card! I know that would make my day a little brighter!

I hope you link up to Farley's December Currently... Remember here rule of 3: comment on the 2 before your link and leave a comment at the 1 behind yours!

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