Snow Globe 2D Art and Writing Freebie!

This month, the 4th grade team were responsible for the bulletin board in the front office.  We were trying to think of something creative and new and I stumbled across this CUTE Snow Globe idea from Fabulous in Fourth!  on Pinterst.

Here is what you need:
- clear plastic dessert/appetizer sized party plates- we got ours at Party City because the one's at Target said "Made in China" on them.
- pictures of your students posing
- crayons or colored pencils for your student's to make a background
- white poster board to trace plates on for the back of the snow globe.
- glitter glue to make the illusion of snow falling from the globe
- a hot glue gun to help all the parts.

For the writing, the student's wrote about their Winter Traditions. We use our circle map to come up with things we do over the winter holidays.
The student's came up with many ideas including: decorating the Christmas Tree, taking a family picture, making tamales and playing in the snow.

Then, they chose 3 items from their circle map that they wanted to talk about. They used the flee map describe these 3 events in depth.
As they were writing, I took them outside, one by one, and had them pose like they were doing one of their events.  My fast finishers helped me trace out 30 circles using the plates and poster board.

The next day we cut out the pictures and drew backgrounds.

I put on the glitter glue once they were all done and they dried over night.  On day 3, I assembled them as they finished their final drafts.  Using hot glue, I secured the plate to the top of their pictures and created a really simple trapezoid base out of construction paper.

.....and viola! The students LOVED this activity. They were so motivated to work on it from beginning to end. It was fun for them to share their holiday traditions with everyone and see what they have in common and hear about things other families do.
If you are looking for a cute writing activity to do before break, I've bundled the Thinking Maps I used for the writing activity here on my TpT store for free!
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