This past school year, a few of my fellow coworkers got classroom donations from the website DonorsChoose.  Since I have worked the from 4th through 7th grade, my classroom library is a disorganized mix of levels ranging from Junie B. Jones to The Outsiders.  I realized that I needed some books for my up and coming 4th graders to use.  I decided to give DonorsChoose a try just 2 days after I submitted my request I got $337.58 worth of 4th grade books donated to my class!  Here is my post on the DonorsChoose website.

I will be getting these books delivered to my new school in September.  All I have to do in response is send handwritten thank you, written by my students to each of my donors (5 letters per donor). In addition, I have to send a picture of the students using the materials that were donated. I have until November to send these items to DonorsChoose. That's it!  Two of my colleagues used this website and it worked! I saw their donated books first hand.  I am excited to receive my boxes of books.  I encourage you to try this out too. If you have any questions about the process just leave me a comment. 
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