I am soooo excited to share my AWESOME Halloween Number Sense Review Set. We are getting close to our quarterly student assessment period known as "The Benchmark".  I wanted to create a few fun activities to review different Number Sense Activities for my class to prepare them for this assessment.  I tried to cover everything we have done so far this year in math: Place Value (to the Thousands and Millions), Rounding (to the Thousands and Millions), Adding and Subtracting 2 digit and 3 digit numbers, and WORD PROBLEMS!!!! I made it all cutesy and Halloween Themed for my class since tomorrow is October 1st and what kid doesn't LOVE the Halloween season! Here is what I came up with...

Adding in a little bit coloring to Math not only makes the students happy BUT it frees up sometime for me to meet up with my more struggling mathematicians- 2 birds  bats, one stone.

Students often get tripped up on the simple adding and subtracting mistakes- borrowing and carrying over, writing messy, not lining up the place values correctly. When numbers are written horizontally it sometimes throws the kids off even more.  These 6 activities allow more time to practice these skills.


 I had a lot of fun making up Halloween word problems for a mixed review of different number sense skills.  This is a great activity for centers or fast finishers.

and last but not least I made a 2 player comparing large numbers dice game for centers or partner work. My kids loved a similar activity I did in my Place Value Through the Millions set, so I know they will love this one too.
I hope your kids will love this as much as I load making it. You can get this set here on my Teachers Pay Teachers store.... remember today is the last day for my flash sale!!!

Keep reading to find out more details!

I love to have my students read with a partner but there is a fine line between the students staying on task and wasting 30 minutes of the day.

There are many ways to do partner reading but explicit directions and roles for the students are necessary in order for the students to stay on task.  I couple my students with a higher student to "coach" a more struggling reader.  They take turns reading- one student reads an odd page and the other student will read the even page. I let them choose a place in the classroom to lay on the ground- which they love, and I monitor each couple as they read.  Before they are allowed to turn the page I have sentence stems on the board for the students to use to make predictions, connections and ask questions.
 Using these ensures that they are actively engaging with the story they are reading. As they are reading I walk around with a clipboard  and aware points to the students who I hear using the sentence stems correctly.

An additional thing that I do to get the students excited about partner reading AND lets me make sure that they are following along as their partner reads are Witch Fingers.  I got a class set of Witch Fingers from a teacher who retired and was giving away all of her school things but these can be found on Amazon ($4 for 12!)  or any party supply store.  I pass them out once I see the students ready with their books open and in a comfortable place in the room that isn't too close to another couple.  They LOVE the witch fingers- especially since we are inching closer and closer to Halloween.

I hope you liked these simple ways to make partner reading more useful for your classroom.  I would love to hear what you do to make partner reading a useful activity.

AND... I am throwing a Fall Flash Sale today and tomorrow. Get all your goodies 20% off.  Maybe you are interested in one of my 3 top selling items:

Your class will love this activity. Read about it here and buy them here...

My class has really mastered this standard by using these activities! I have a Rounding Through the Thousands and a Rounding Through the Millions set and a lot of teachers have really loved these activities!

Lastly, my Whole Class Journals have been a HIT this year in my class. I have never seen students be so excited about writing! Read about these here and buy them individually or as a complete set here.

Happy Fall!

     Word Problems can be as scary as a monster for your students.  I created this set after seeing my students struggle with decoding what a word problem is actually asking. My students had a number line test this past Friday and 8 of the 20 questions were word problems. Most of the problems missed were those 8 SCARY word problems.  I know that they know how to do the math skill asked, BUT they get tricked by the academic language that is used in words problems.  To help my kids rule over math word problem monsters I made this pack of activities that I plan on using for directly teaching the academic vocabulary words that students need in order to understand what a word problem is asking.  I have options with this set too. I plan on using them whole group, during my Thursday Tutoring Club, for center work and as a mini lesson for test prep. Here is what I made:
-4 posters with key words to display (x,+,-, ÷) 

-4 math monster craftivities, one for each math symbol. 

These will be great for my bulletin board! (available in black & white or color)
2 math notebook note page activities: x-chart & foldable
Math word wall labels 

Tree map word sort for all the key math words

Help reinforce important “Math Problem Key Words” and make word problems a lot less scary for your class!
     Rounding has been a struggle for my 30 little 4th graders. We are supposed to be rounding to the millions but after getting some mixed test results back from their unit test, I decided to scale back to concentrate on the skill at hand.  I made these Rounding Through the Thousands task cards to help hone in on this standard by eliminating a couple numbers/place values to reinforce and review the concept.

     I am excited to use these babies in my math rotations this week. It is a good thing to have around for centers, tutoring and reteaching/mini-lessons. 

     I have had great success with my Rounding Through the Millions Task Cards that I know these will be just as great too! SOOO as a fun little FLASH giveaway to I am going to give this Rounding Through the Thousands Task Card set to the first 3 people who comment on this post telling me how they will use this in their classroom... don't forget to leave me your email!


Poetry is a great way to reinforce grammar concepts like parts of speech and punctuation. I have always had my class make poems for different seasons or holidays. This year, I decided to streamline this concept by creating a mini-unit for Fall Poetry.  Check it out....
This set includes:
-a circle map starter activity to get the students to actively participate in things that remind them of Fall/Autumn
-5 circle maps for all 5 senses to help generate autumn words that go with each sense
-A tree map to help the students categorize their 5 sense with fall type things
-2 poetry templates that engage the students in utilizing their senses and connecting with fall.
-4 parts of speech sorts to help teach students what verbs/nouns/adjectives/adverbs are in order to help 
them fill in their poem

This is what it looks like.....

This is an example of a template that can be used for lower grades.
This is the one that I used with my 4th grade class.
I paired their final poem with a handmade (literally) tree. I saw the idea on Pinterest....

 First they traced their hands for the trunk and branches of the tree. They colored their tree and made a landscape around it.
Then they used their fingers to make the leaves with a little bit of red, yellow, brown and orange paint.  
They loved this activity and asked if we could do one for each of the seasons.  
I love it when my students enjoy these activities!

You can find my Fall/Autumn Poem activity pack here.  I hope your class enjoys it as much as mine did.

I always get to school early. I rather go in early than stay late. So I walk in today and this was what was at my mail box....

 and what to my wondering eyes should appear??? 
BUT a box full Donor Choose books
ready for this new school year!!!!

I am sooo excited to welcome 50 new books to my library! I just need to tag them with AR levee and point value before my kids can feast upon them!

Happy Thursday to you!

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