Poetry is a great way to reinforce grammar concepts like parts of speech, figurative language and punctuation. I always have my class make poems for the different seasons or holidays to collect to put in our end of the year scrap book. I had great success with my mini-unit for Fall Poetry, so I decided to create a similar version for Winter.  Check it out....
This set includes:
-a circle map starter activity to get the students to actively participate by sharing whole group, things that remind them of Winter
-5 circle maps for all 5 senses to help generate Wintery words that go with each of the 5 senses. This can be done in partners or pass one sense out to each person in the group, like jigsaw activity, and have them share out when everyone is done and add more ideas to the tree map below...
-A tree map to help the students categorize their information from the 5 senses circle maps 
I also included some parts of speech mini lessons to review adjectives, verbs, nouns and adverbs.  These 4 sorting activities will help reinforce these 4 parts of speech by asking the student to sort the examples and non examples of each. These are all new parts of speech sorts, separate from the ones in my Parts of Speech Bundle AND I put a holiday twist on it by having the examples be holiday verbs, nouns, adjectives and pronouns.

Lastly, are 2 poetry templates that engage the students in utilizing their senses and connecting with Winter time. I provided 2 templates to help differentiate. The first one is more simple and the second one requires the student to apply more specific skills, but in a guided way. 

From these templates the students can go write a rough draft poem on a separate piece of paper and meet with the teacher to make sure that they have used appropriate and correct words and make corrections as needed.  I have my students type out their final draft and either print it out on Holiday paper or print out and then decorate.  Their last task is presenting their poems orally. It is a great way to squeeze in public speaking and allow the students to show off their hard work.

I hope you enjoy this activity as much as my class will! It is a fun writing activity that is perfect before the holiday season!  You can pick this pack up on sale for Cyber Monday -plus- Tuesday starting TOMORROW! Here is the link for my Winter Poetry Pack. Remember everything in my store will be 28% off!!!

I know that many of you saw my last post about me being part of the Cyber Monday -PLUS- Tuesday sale coming up in a couple of days where I am offering 28% off on ALL 52 of my TpT products but have you heard this....

That is right! Our little family is growing! This June Penny will be welcoming her new brother or sister to our family.  I am due the last week of school- talk about great timing!

Thanks for sharing in my joy and I hope you all had a blessed Thanksgiving! See you all at the Cyber Monday SALE. I know my shopping cart and wish list are full!
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Consider picking up one of my 3 Top Sellers:
1) An Idiom a Day:
  I compiled 144 of the most commonly used idioms and created a bundle of 18 worksheets that have 8 idioms per sheet. Your kids will LOVE this daily activity. It only takes about 3 minutes to do and you will start hearing your students use idioms in the speech and writing.  Read more about how I use it in my class here and get them for the big sale here....

2) A Root a Week!
  This is a similar concept to An Idiom a Day.   I compiled 60 of the most commonly used roots, suffixes and prefixes and made circle maps with each root. This helps me to introduce roots in a cohesive and easy way. 

Read more about my Root Word Pack here...and get them for the big sale here...

3) Whole Class Journals
Shake up your center times by adding Whole Class Journals into the mix. My students LOVE these journals because they are in a non threatening format and it allows them to respond to a variety of prompts and then read what their classmates have to say about the same topic.  I have 4 sets of whole class journals to help cover a variety of writing genres from Personal and Imaginative Narrative, to Persuasive/Argumentative, Compare and Contrast and Explanatory/Informative. My students are highly engaged when we do Whole Class Journals and it is amazing to see their growth already!  Read more about my Whole Class Journals here and get them for the big sale here.

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Tis’ the season for your students to understand prime, composite, factor trees and multiples! I am very excited to share my new math activity pack with you!

Included in this pack:

Prime Number Hunt
Great for whole group instruction and as an introduction to what whole

Color the Gingerbread
Independent or partner practice- progress monitoring!

Prime or Composite?
Perfect for Center or Partner work

4 Definition Posters

Great for your Math Word Wall! 

Prime & Composite Foldable

Great for their math notebook.

1 Multiple Christmas Tree and 2 Factor Christmas Tree

...and 1 Christmas Factor Tree Craftivity

Perfect for bulletin boards!

Snag this pack up to help your students master factoring here at my TpT Store!

With this up and coming week off for Thanksgiving, I have some time to reflect, slow down and re-center myself. While perusing my latest blog roll, which I haven't done since Halloween YIKES, I stumbled across the Stuffed with Thankful Thoughts, hosted by A Year of Many "Firsts" and I decided to join in on the fun!

First of all, I am thankful to have some time off to spend with my sweet little girl, Penelope. She is growing sooooo fast and gets smarter and funnier each day. I love her little personality, curiosity and am so beyond blessed to be her mommy. 

 I am also thankful for our NEW house. We just started escrow Tuesday and are hoping to move in on December 22nd! The entire house buying process takes patience and there are a LOT of things out of your control- which are 2 things that I struggle with. This house kind of fell into our laps. Our real estate agent is one of our good friends and it is her uncles house. He showed us the house before he even put it on the market and gave us first dibs. I cannot wait to make this house a home! I am also very thankful that we get to move in over our Christmas break, that will take a lot of extra stress off of us.

Since this is a BLOG linky, how can I not be thankful for the blogosphere world and all that it has done for me as a professional. Connecting with all of you has really made me a better teacher. My creativity and skills are encouraged by others and it feels great to know that there is a community out there of thousands of other teachers who LOVE their job and want to share that joy with everyone. I am especially grateful for my sweet real life blogger friend, Michelle from Apples and ABCs, who got me into blogging and TpT. She has answered numerous questions for me, she has responded to neurotic text messages that I send her and has been such an inspiration to me.
This is a picture from last November when Penelope visited Michelle's Kindgergarten class.
Last, but not least. I am sooo blessed and beyond Thankful for my wonderful husband who has supported and encouraged me during this blogging adventure. He is so proud of my blog and shares my accomplishments freely with his coworkers. I love that we are both teachers, we understand each other on special level and neither of us feels guilty when we are grading or making worksheets late at night! He is a wonderful father to Penelope, a loving husband and great friend. 

Well that is all, now I feel all warm and fuzzy! Can't wait to see what you are all thankful for!

I have had great success with my Root a Week and Idiom a Day packs. My class has been pointing out idioms to me left and right and using them in their personal writing and speech.  The roots have been a great way to introduce difficult vocabulary on a regular basis. Since this format of presenting a new idiom a day and a root a week has been so easy to implement, takes 5 minutes max and is valuable to my class, I have created a pack of 102 of the most common Homonyms to introduce one a day! Our district is majorly lacking an efficient all encompassing- grammar program so we have had to make or find a lot resources on our own. Homonyms are presented ONCE in our ELA program- that is right ONCE! I have found that my students have gaps in this area on tests that ask them to choose the correct meaning of the word when used in context. In addition, they use/spell them wrong in writing and this standard is especially hard for my ELLs.  

So here is my solution!!! All 64 pages of it will help to make homonyms easier to understand.

I included a mini lesson to help introduce what Homonyms are:

 Each homonym pair (or triad) will have the students define it, draw it and use it in a sentence correctly.

 I have also included an answer key/teacher cheat sheet to help come up with a concise definition for the "define it" box.

Students will love this quick and fun activity, it will only take 5 minutes max each day! You will see them start spelling and using them correctly in their writing. In addition, they will be better prepared for when they see one on a state test. I have also included a blank template for you to add your own homonyms as necessary! 

Hope that this activity is a great addition to your classroom routines. You can find this pack here at my TpT store!

     Now that Halloween is over, we have to start thinking of some Thanksgiving Day Writing activities. Are you tired of narratives about your student's Favorite "Thanksgiving Day Memories" or are your kids sick of writing about what they are "Thankful For" year in and year out... I don't know about you, but if I have to hear my students talk about how thankful they are for Call of Duty and X-Box I will SCREAM!!!    
     Well, here is a new writing perfect for Thanksgiving that your class will love! I am proud to announce my newest Writing Activity that puts a spin on typical Thanksgiving Day writing assignments.  Wait, Wait! Don't Shoot is a persuasive writing assignment that I have done for years with my 4th- 6th grade classes. A coworker of mine had this amazing idea to have the students write from the perspective of the Turkey. As the turkey, they are trying to persuade the Farmer to not eat/hunt them for Thanksgiving dinner.  The students come up with hilarious reasons as to why the farmer should forgo a Turkey Feast this year as well as offer up some interesting alternatives to the traditional Thanksgiving meal! I have created a lot of resources to accompany the prompt and help the students understand the art of persuasion!

This set includes:
- 1 Writing Prompt
-2 one-sided Flow Charts that focus on Cause and Effect and Point of View
-2 circle charts to helps jump start the writing process- great for whole group or small group
-1 t-chart to help students combine sentences with a reason and an explanation
-1 flee map to help the students draft their ideas independently in an organized way

-2 circle charts that review persuasive language and personal pronouns

-2 Thanksgiving Pages for the students to write their final draft on for publishing- great for the bulletin board!

and a Thanksgiving Bunting to add to your bulletin board
Get this festive and Common Core Aligned (ELACC4W1a-d) this week on sale here at my TpT store! Hope your class and you love this assignment as much as I have!

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