I-Scream for Fractions

You scream, I scream, we all scream for FRACTIONS!
I am excited to share my newest Math Activity Pack: I-Scream for Fractions

I have taught 5th grade and students struggle with fractions the more in depth you go. So I created this pack to teach some 4th fraction ideas in many fun ways that excite the students and prepare them for the more difficult fractions that are coming...

Included in this set:
5 Fraction Definition Posters with examples and pictures... 

A Serving up Equivalent Fractions Worksheet with answer key...
An Equivalent Fraction Dice game- great for partner work, fast finishers and centers...
My personal favorite.... a delicious Equivalent Fraction Activity where the students make ice cream cones that reflect equivalent fractions. Great for a Math Bulletin Board! ( I will be blogging this activity sometime next week.)

A Comparing Fractions with unlike denominators trick poster with examples and matching activity (with answer key)

A Foldable introducing the most common equivalent decimals and fractions. Great for introducing the new concepts or as a study tool. 

and last, but not least...  A Fraction Review Board Game with 30 different question cards that quiz the students on their mastery of comparing fractions, and  finding equivalent fractions and decimals. **Great for Center work, for fast finishers or for test prep! **

Your class will EAT this Fraction set up! It is perfect for reviewing concepts in a fun way and it reinforces the basic fraction concepts that they forget when they get into more complicated math.  You can buy this tasty fraction set here at my TpT store... it is on sale now until Monday!

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