January Currently

Happy January. I know I am a few days late my most favorite linky party, but we have been one busy family!

Listening: I have heard a lot of my coworkers and friends talk about the show Scandal, so I decided to check it out a few days ago to see what all the hype was about and OMG! It is so, so, so GOOD! I....CAN'T.... STOP! I have been staying up when the hubs and babies are in bed watching it.  

Loving: A lot of my teacher friends, and my teacher husband, started work today and I am LOVING the fact that I have one more week of vacation. It's not like I get to sleep in or really have total freedom to do all the things on my to-do list BUT I will take what I can get and I will savor these last few days with my darling kiddos!

Thinking: I am flying up to Oregon to visit my dad and fam on Wednesday AND I am taking my 7 month old with me so he can meet them. I am SO beyond excited BUT packing for a baby.... there is a lot to pack!

Wanting: This has been such a mild winter.  I  have worn shorts and flip-flops for a majority of "Winter" Break.  I am sad that I can't pull out my sweaters, boots and scarves or throw a log on the fire and cook some delicious soup...  Perhaps my trip to Oregon will provide me the winter I want....

Needing: Some motivation to get back in the school-blogging-TpT'ing mode.  The holidays have been so rejuvenating... but at the same time, so very tiring. My typical blogging and product designing time is when my littles are asleep... but we have had some late nights and evening events that have prevented me from focusing on blogging and now I feel somewhat out of the loop and I am not sure where to start... does anyone else feel this way?

Memory: This is the first Christmas that my daughter has really been able to engage and understand the season.  It was so wonderful to experience the magic of Christmas with her, especially through Elf on the Shelf. My daughter named her Elf Kaylee Jamaica and woke up every morning on a mission to find her.  I LOVED this tradition and look forward to what next Christmas will bring.

Thanks so much to the fantastic Farley for hosting this linky... I am off to check out some of your January Currentlys!
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